During a recent visit to the beach I observed beautiful formations that had been carved out of a once solid mound of sand. The artist of this work was wind and the force of this wind that had overtaken the coastal area for many days had broken into a once solid structure and left behind a new defined space. In Ayurveda we refer to these powerful elements of air (wind) and ether (space) as VATA.

Internally we can feel an excess of VATA in our system when the skin is dry, when joints begin to make noise, we experience gas in our digestive system or when sleep begins to become disturbed. If left in this elevated state the catabolic effects of VATA can begin to take form and structures become compromised. Osteoporosis, arthritis, TMJ, hair loss, neuropathy and IBS are just a few of the diseases that can result when VATA is elevated in the body for extended periods of time.

The elements of nature that we observe outside of us also resides within us and only when this understanding is realized can harmony in health blossom.