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At 62 years old I had a partial colectomy; for 10 years I had developed rapidly growing precancerous polyps.  This health event was a significant shake-up, wake-up call if you will. I was fortunate to attend one of Samantha’s lectures on the Ayurvedic principles and concepts and I scheduled an assessment session with her.

During the initial session Samantha introduced me to the Ayurvedic system and my personal constitution in that framework.  She spent extensive time talking with me, learning about my life; family; overall health; post-surgery digestive issues; dry skin; seasonal, severe colds and allergies; sleep challenges, even my frozen shoulder.  She walked me through diet considerations given my dosha, age, health, and lifestyle concerns.

That was over three years ago, and I have advanced through my Ayurvedic journey with Samantha, expanding the “tools” to address my Vata tendencies through the seasons.  I continue to have regular assessments with Samantha suggesting adaptations to herbs and treatments.  Her suggestions are based in Ayurvedic principles while responding to me as an individual.

Ultimately, working with Samantha has had wonderful and unexpected benefits.  There is a lovely synergy between my yoga practice and the care Samantha offers.  We speak the same language regarding my pranayama practice as well.  Another positive impact of my work with Samantha is the change in my physical health and general well-being.  I have seen a significant improvement in medical assessments done by my primary care physician—my cholesterol, sugar levels, etc.  On my recent colonoscopy I was told that nothing significant needed attention and I could wait three years between procedures—which have previously been every one or at most every two years. 

– Suzanne R., North Salem, New York

My journey with Samantha came after a long battle with some skin breakouts in the palms of my hands, psoriasis and terrible dandruff accompanied by hair loss starting in 2019. I had been thru the conventional gamete of medical practitioners, with no solution other than a pill or ointment, multiple doses of steroids, with no results or worsening symptoms. I wanted to try something natural and approached Samantha with my problem. She introduced me to Ayurvedic medicine. Treating my whole body naturally with diet and herbs. She guided me thru every step and explained the Doshas we each have in our body. As I eliminated things from my diet and began to treat my body naturally my symptoms began to fade and eventually were under control. She taught me what to look for in nature that might trigger symptoms again and how to eat seasonally. It has been life changing for me. She is a great teacher and tunes her focus into the individual patients needs. This is what medicine should look like. Whole mind and body care. I would be a victim of Big Pharm if I had not meet Samantha.

-SC, Calabash NC

My first meeting with Samantha was about 4 years ago. I was suffering with chronic constipation, low back pain, disturbed sleep, food intolerances, and Raynauds Disease. I had seen multiple GI providers, an allergist, and multiple specialists to try and help me figure out what was wrong with me. I was not comfortable taking the prescription medication that was recommended and found Samantha and Ayurveda. Within the first month of working with her I began to feel some relief in my symptoms. She is very thorough in explaining exactly why certain foods are not appropriate for me in certain seasons and how to prepare my food in a way that helps my body heal. I have experienced many therapies with her, all deepening my state of health. I no longer suffer from any of the symptoms I originally had when I first met with Samantha.

-Chris P., Weston CT

Five years ago I caught a rare virus that attacked my hearing. I was told that having my hearing  return was a long shot and there nothing they (western medicine) could do. Samantha offered me a session to explore Ayurveda medicine. From there, she took me on a path of healing and learning. I started with a cleanse, then lifestyle changes which not only healed my hearing but gave me the ability to realize I can heal myself with the right guidance. Healing my ability to hear was something doctors said could not happen yet Samantha, through Ayurvedic medicine and treatments, proved that is was possible.  I will be forever grateful!

-Lori D., Easton CT

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