Massage & Bodywork Therapies

A few recommendations when scheduling a therapeutic treatment:

Avoid scheduling when you are experiencing a cold or flu like symptoms.
Please schedule treatments after your menstrual cycle has ended.
Schedule your appointments on days when you will have time to practice self-care afterwards.

Gratuities not accepted for services.

Lymphatic Drainage

Inflammatory issues are often related to the lymphatic system (rasa vahasrotas). This can result in various degrees of swelling in a limb or body part. Lymphatic drainage therapy assists the body in facilitating removal of excess water, wastes and toxins.

Pre and Post-Op Care: Lymphatic drainage is often recommended to patients to supplement their procedure before and as early as possible after surgery to prevent and alleviate the build-up of fluid and formation of scar tissue. During a post surgical MLD session the therapist gently massages the lymph nodes then guides post surgical edema towards those correlating lymph nodes. Post-op must be pre-approved by the surgeon.



advanced massage therapy

The massage therapy I offer is focused on specific areas of chronic and acute pain using Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT) techniques in myofascial and joint capsule release to relieve and ultimately correct patterns in the body that lead to deterioration. Every clients’ needs are unique and your therapy session will be based on our conversation when you arrive and will include techniques incorporating Ayurveda, Marma points and Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT). If you are not sure what you need we can discuss at the start. Some of the benefits of this therapy include calming the nervous system, breakdown scar tissue, lower blood pressure, increase circulation and relieve physical pain and headaches.

This video gives a nice explanation of craniosacral therapy, how it affects the nervous system, and how a biodynamic practitioner works with your system to support healing. This was posted by Murtaza Bootwala (no attribution to original producer provided).⠀

CranioSacral Therapy


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a non-invasive yet profound treatment that acknowledges the whole person, effectively treating a wide range of illnesses using gentle touch to palpate the structure of the body encouraging vitality and facilitating a sense of wellbeing.

This therapy, which is carried out while completely clothed, is suitable for people of all ages including infants, children, and the elderly, and can be effective in acute or chronic cases. It is recommended for many diseases affecting the nervous, immune or endocrine system. This therapy is extremely effective in addressing burnout, severe fatigue, anxiety, concentration difficulties, trauma and other cognitive disturbances.