How Does it work?

Getting started with your Health Plan

Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing addressing imbalances and dysfunctions of the body and mind at the root cause of the illness.


Some of the most common complaints include acid reflux, gas and bloating, constipation, insomnia, chronic headaches, mental fogginess, skin disorders and weight gain. Using individualized diet and lifestyle, medicinal herbs, along with adjunct holistic therapies that include Ayurvedic bodywork, lymphatic drainage, sound, energy medicine and breath work.

All clients receive care to their particular imbalances and at some point in their plan it will be beneficial to undergo some type of detoxification that may involve a simple digestive reset or a deeper Ayurvedic detox called Panchakarma.



On your first visit a complete medical history will be taken that includes your present health challenges and primary complaint you want to address. Then a specific treatment program is drawn up for you with explanation of why you are experiencing the imbalances and how to proceed in fixing them.

• A detailed 1 page treatment plan will be emailed to you within a week.
• A 15 minute phone call will be scheduled at your convenience to review the plan together and address any questions on how to proceed.
• Your first followup appointment is recommended.


In between receiving your detailed treatment plan and your 1st followup visit I will be available to answer any questions that arise as you settle into your new routine, including challenges you might experience with your diet or herbs and we will make adjustments as needed.

At your first followup appointment, usually 2-3 weeks after you have received your detailed treatment plan, we will continue to dive deeper into Ayurvedic principles of healing with a focus on diet, detoxification, daily routine and habits, tailoring ALL information to your specific health issues.


A followup date will be recommended at the end of each visit. At each followup visit thereafter I will continue to re-evaluate the imbalances that were found on the first visit and incorporate a series of treatments specifically focusing on removing blockages in the nerve flow, lymphatic flow, treatments to muscle and trigger points, and other Ayurvedic techniques to address neuromuscular health, depending on the patients needs. When needed we will be using medicinal oils or other substances specifically formulated for the needs of the client.

As clients begin to experience a lessening of their symptoms they will need to be seen less frequently. Typical follow-ups appointment at this point happen only at seasonal shifts between March-May and September-November, with spring seasonal shift being the more impactful. I have found in my own health journey that illness provides us with an opportunity to change our way of thinking, feeling, eating and in general care for ourselves, inviting self transformation.

I am consistently amazed at how quickly life can be set on the right track and balance restored simply through proper diet, medicinal herbs, exercise and living in harmony with our surroundings.


90 minute Ayurvedic Health Consultation – Best option for those with more chronic health conditions. This consult includes complete medical history evaluation, detailed written recommendations, 1 hour follow-up meeting, and email support in between appointments.

60 minute Wellness Consultation – A great option for those new to Ayurveda and not dealing with long term illness. Addresses one pressing health concern. Written recommendations to address this concern along with a phone call to clarify instructions.

When combining therapeutic treatments into your healing program the effects can be transformational to the body and mind.

Treatments with a Indicate a treatment that will require a consultation first. This insures that the client will not develop further symptoms or imbalance. An example of a therapy we would not do on a client before a consult is Shirodhara. Shirodhara is an incredibly Vata pacifying therapy with systemic effects on the nervous system, however, if this therapy is used on a client experiencing symptoms of pitta dosha it could elevate symptoms of heat in the head and other systems in the body resulting in migraines, skin rashes and even diarrhea.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Designed to address specific doshic imbalances with either cleansing or rejuvenating effects. These therapies are available if recommended after a consultation with Samantha. Customized herbal formulas are incorporated into the treatment to deeply nourish and or cleanse, grounding the nervous system and restoring balance.

Massage & Bodywork Therapies

 Manual manipulation of the physical body to relieve pain, ease tension, improve circulation and encourage relaxation. Your session will be tailored to your needs based on our conversation when you arrive and will include various techniques incorporating Ayurveda, mama point therapy and manual techniques.

 Ayurvedic Detoxification

Recommended as an annual or bi-annual therapy to promote health, longevity and a way to target specific mind/body imbalances. Customized programs are offered for 3-14 day Digestive Resets or 21-28 day Pancakarma. Each program will address diet and lifestyle recommendations, herbs and specific bodywork therapies that will support you throughout the process.