Contrary to modern medicine Ayurveda recognizes 6 stages of progression for each disease. It is for this reason that Ayurveda is a preventative medicine, treating the root cause of a disease, not just the symptoms that western medicine addresses.

Ayurveda is a plant-based approach to wellness in both preventative and curative treatments using simple remedies in both diet and lifestyle to detox the body and maintain an optimal level of health on a daily basis.

Ayurveda is living in connection with our environment, following the circadian rhythm. Eating foods that are in season and local to our area so we can benefit from the microscopic beneficial bacterial that contribute to the health of our ever changing microbiome.

Ayurveda is food based grassroots folk medicine. It is the first recorded form of how to approach our health based on each persons individual body type, season and time of life. And it was developed 5000 years ago. Its simplicity make it easy for anyone to follow and yet this same simplicity make many question its effectiveness, leaving those suffering on a never ending search for answers that are right in front of them… open your eyes, open your mind… the answer is here.

Is Ayurveda Right for me?

Have you ever visited a doctor because something felt off and been told that nothing was wrong with you?

Have you ever participated in a cleanse with a friend eating the same things, exercising the same amount but one of you lost 10 pounds and the other only lost 5?

Has digestion shifted recently causing constipation, bloating or intolerances with certain foods that you have enjoyed all of your life?

Have you ever noticed that you tend to fall ill more during the fall season than any other time of year? Or maybe you notice that your blood pressure is higher in the spring season than any other time of year.

Ayurveda can not only help you to understand why this happens but also provide simple solutions to help your body overcome these weaknesses making it better prepared for the seasonal transitions.

Your Metabolic Constitution

Ayurveda views each person as having a unique metabolic constitution. This is further defined by dosas.

The dosas give us traits that translate into the physical description of a person, their typical mental and behavioral characteristics and their intellectual traits that translate into our roles as thinkers, dreamers, designers or hard workers.

They also guide us on specific disease and digestive traits that are affected by the types of food we eat, the climate we live in, as well as other environmental influences that can be either be beneficial or detrimental to us.


Are you quick thinking, thin, energetic and enjoy always on the go? Then VATA may be your dominant dosa. VATAs love new experiences and they are quick to take on new initiatives. They typically have dry skin and hair with cold hands and feet.

In our bodies VATA governs our movement and neural-electrical impulses and it is the dosa that is responsible for your heartbeat, movement of food in digestion and the entire nervous system.

Some of the more common conditions suffered from a VATA imbalance include high blood pressure, constipation, dry skin, chapped lips, gas, hiccups, arthritis, insomnia and anxiety.


People with a PITTA dominating dosa are known for their leadership qualities, self confidence, organization and ability to clearly communicate thoughts and ideas. Physically they have a medium frame, strong build and a lustrous complexion.

PITTA is represented in our ability to digest food. It is the enzymes, amino acids and HCL that play a major role in our metabolism as well as neurotransmitters and neuropeptides involved in our ability to process thoughts.

When PITTA falls out of balance the heating qualities begin to consume the body and mind. A person may suffer from ulcers, diverticulitis, skin rashes, burning sensations, hyperacidity, diarrhea, acne, food allergies or intolerances and auto immune disorders. They can also experience anger, envy and rage emotionally.


If you were born with a broad frame, always found that you gain weight easily, have envious thick lustrous brown hair and enjoy deep sleep you are probably predominately KAPHA.

KAPHA is our biological strength, it is the glue that holds our body together. In our body, KAPHA is found in our bones, muscles, fat, organs and fluids. It is our structure and stability.

Conditions that can be experienced when KAPHA is out of balance include hay fever, high cholesterol, mucous and congestion in the chest, throat, nose or sinuses, aching joints, lethargy, weight gain, diabetes, candida and small intestine bacteria overgrowth.

Ayurvedic Consults with Samantha Parker

It’s hard to make changes in our busy lives. Habits are woven into the fabric of who we are. They make us feel safe and the body/mind holds onto them. Living a healthy lifestyle goes against mainstream society and can make social situations challenging, keeping us from making lasting changes in our health.

The fundamental approach to Ayurveda is to treat the person, not the disease. In your initial consultation, we will begin with an assessment of current diet, medical history, lifestyle practices and evaluation through Ayurvedic techniques. From this an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle plan will be developed using food, spices, herbs, and Ayurvedic cleansing and detoxifying therapies to bring your imbalances back into balance. We will check in after 2-3 weeks to review progress and make any changes if necessary. Regular check-ins after the third week are encouraged.

All disease begins in the gut and this is where we will begin to address your health concerns. I use food first as the medicinal path to heal, working with each of my clients providing them with ongoing support, guidance and accountability towards fully resetting habits in the body and mind. My experience stems from the knowledge of my own personal health journey and as someone who faces the same challenges of modern life as you do.

It is with great pleasure and respect that I guide and teach you about an ancient way to look at healing through food to help bring health and vitality back into life. It is my personal mission to empower people to take full responsibility for their own health by investigating, questioning, and critically rethinking everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness.

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Ayurvedic Bodywork Studies, Dr. Margaret Mikunis

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